Washoku (Japanese Food)

Place : Kyoto
Taken by : C. K. (Doshisha International Junior/Senior High School)

Hayashi Rice (Hash and Rice)
This food is just like Curry and Rice. But Hayashi Rice was invented by a Japanese man. The Japanese man's name was “Hayashi”. So this food is named Hayashi Rice. Hayashi Rice is easy to eat.

Miso Soup
In Japan, Miso Soup is a very popular food. In miso soup there are various ingredients. It varies with the district or even the family. For example, this miso soup's ingredients are wakame, aburaage and tofu. Miso Soup is easy to make. A lot of Japanese eat it for breakfast or dinner.

Tonkatsu is also a popular food. It is fried pork. Many people love Tonkatsu! In general, a cut cabbage salad is served with Tonkatsu. In Japan, we have various ways to serve Tonkatsu. For example, as the filling in a sandwich, or over rice (called “Katsudon”).

Yakisoba tastes like the sauce it is cooked in. In Yakisoba, there are various vegetables (carrot, cabbage etc...) and various seafood (squid, shrimp etc...). In this picture, Yakisoba is fried on a hot plate. Why? Because while cooking Yakisoba, we can eat it with our family.

Japanese food is very unique. Most famous Japanese foods are sushi and tempura. But many Japanese rarely eat them. Japanese families eat cheaper food. But these are also delicious!
Japanese food is healthier than Western food. Recently, Japanese food is watched by all the world with interest. It is not the custom in foreign countries to eat raw fish. But Americans eat sushi now. Japanese food is eaten all over the world. Have you eaten Japanese food?? If you haven't ever tried Japanese food, you should try it!

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