Japanese Festival: Ennichi

Place : Kyoto
Taken by : R. H. (Doshisha International Junior/Senior High School)

Water balloon Yo-yo-tsuri
Yo-yo is a balloon containing some water with rubber string. It floats on the water. Children catch it with a paper string with a metal hook on the end. There are many different colors and kinds of water balloon yo-yos.

Super-ball sukui
Super-ball is a very small ball. It floats on the water. Children scoop up the super balls with a plastic ring that has paper pasted across it. Super ball sukui is most popular attraction in Ennichi Festivals.

Kujibiki is a fast-paced game because we don't know what present we will get. The player pulls one of the strings that is attached to a present. This time all players knew they would get some present.

Catch-fish game
Catch-fish game is very minor. But this game is very interesting. On the paper is drawn a picture of fish. There is a paper clip on it. The tsurizao rope has a magnet on it. The magnet attracts the paper clip and catches the fish.

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