Japanese Local Festival: Jizo-Bon

Place : Kyoto
Taken by : K. K. (Doshisha International Junior/Senior High School)

This is a picture of Jizo-Bosatsu. This festival is called Jizo-Bon. This festival deifies the Jizo who protects children as God. This festival has a long and deep history.

Children eat, drink, and play games, and enjoy things on that day.
The parents of the area cooperate and prepare everything for the children.

Kingyo Sukui
This is called Kingyo Sukui. Players scoop up a goldfish by using the tool which has paper spread over a plastic ring. It is difficult to scoop up a swimming goldfish! So the caught goldfish are taken home by the players, and they can be kept as pets and raised.

Chochin (Lanterns)
This is called Chochin. This can be folded because it is made of paper. They are hung up on a string and displayed. Children's names are written on each chochin.

When night comes they are lit up from the inside and become beautiful.

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