Suzushii (Cool)

Place : Kyoto
Taken by : S. S. (Doshisha International Junior/Senior High School)

Shaving ice machine
This is called shaving ice machine and this is used for making shaved ice. Lots of Japanese people love to eat shaving ice and they feel very Suzushii when they are eating shaved ice. This machine can make shaved ice very easily and nowadays this machine is getting cheaper so lots of people can make shaved ice at home.

This is fan in my house. Fan is very important for summer and it gives us cold and fresh wind. Most people use air conditioner now, but for earth it's better to use fan for eco.

This is called uchiwa. In Japan many people use uchiwa during summer, and uchiwa is made of plastic and paper. There are a lot of designs of uchiwa. Many companies put advertisement on uchiwa.

This is called furin. Furin is made of glass usually, but my house furin is made of metal. Lots of Japanese people will put furin on their house and relax by hearing the sound of furin.

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