Japanese Instant Food

Place : Kyoto
Taken by : M. S. (Doshisha International Junior/Senior High School)

This is the picture of instant rice packed in a container that you can eat it just warmed up by a cookstove or warmed water. It's so convenient that it's so popular among the people who have no time to cook or have not got a rice cooker.

This is the picture of instant soup that you just put into a dish or a cup and pour boil water into. Then stir it for a second. That's it. No one can miss it. There are also many kinds of tastes and are sold at every store in Japan so you can purchase it anywhere. It's quite convenient when you go to camp or some trips. You can also eat it with your meals at home.

Instant Noodle
This is the picture of the instant noodle. What you need is boiled water and a dish. If you boil it you can put some ingredients in such as meat, vegetable, or egg, then put it into a dish. Your noodle is completed. It's quite delicious and you can make it without constraint and with your idea. The greatest thing is that it's very cheap. It would be one of your hobbies.

Cup Noodle
This is the picture of a Japanese instant cup noodle. This may be the most famous instant food in Japan. They are rich in tastes that it has so many tastes. The way to make it is just to pour boiled water. All of noodle, soup, and some ingredients are greatest taste. Then you can eat it after a few minutes. It's a masterpiece of Japan I think. But I don't recommend you to eat it too much.

Japanese instant food is a masterpiece and they save people who have no time such as students. It's very convenient that even people who have time have eaten it. Nowadays they are sold everywhere in Japan and you can get it anywhere. However, on the other hand, people depend on it too much that there are many people who cannot cook. I think it's a big problem. It's very easy to cook and may save your time a lot, but considering your health, it's ok to eat it sometimes but do not eat it always!

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