CRN opened a space where children can experience a playful learning spirit in a closed down school in Tama, a suburb of Tokyo with a rich, natural environment. Here CRN has begun research on creating new learning spaces to bring children and their families together, forge ties between the school and the family, and allow children to design their own ways of learning.

* Studies and Reports (6/13)
* Playshop '02 October (5/16)

What's Playful?
*The Concept "Playful"

*Playshop Report(1999-)

Nagayama Chi-kichi

Studies & Reports
* From the Perspective of "Child Science"
Noboru Kobayashi (Director, CRN)
* From the Perspective of Architecture
Mitsuru Senda (Director, Architectural Institute of Japan)
* From the Point of View of Behavioral Psychology
Tsunetsugu Munakata (Professor, Graduate School of Tsukuba University)

Whese is NAgayama Chi-kichi?



The former Higashi-Nagayama Elementary School , Library (2F)
3-9 Nagayama, Tama-city Tokyo 206-0025

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