Nagayama Chi-kichi means "small community base in Nagayama." Nagayama Chi-kichi was established in April 2001 as a place for experimental research on children's play and learning. It is founded on the concept "playful" that has been central to CRN's research since 1999. Research focuses on two areas:

- Play and Learning
According to Dr. Noboru Kobayashi, CRN Director, it may not be valid to make a distinction between play and learning because children learn from play. CRN conducts research and gathers information on children's experience of being absorbed in play and learning.

- A Community Base for Children
A community base for children is a place where children gather, a secret place that excites children, and above all, a place where children can be creative and original. When creating their play environment, children can also rely on the occasional help of teenagers and adults in the neighborhood. At Nagayama Chi-kichi, CRN conducts its research in the field of "kodomogaku" by observing and study children in their environment, what sort of environment they make, and the physical and social support they receive.

"Nagayama Chi-kichi" receives the support and co-operation of Tama City Board of Education.