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From: Makoto Kinoshita (07/12/2000 12:26:03)






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Questions on "playful"
From: Makoto Kinoshita (07/12/2000 12:26:03)

Let me ask a question on the concept of "playful."
As far as I understand, children do not play playfully but play seriously.

Children play baseball seriously.
Children play chess seriously.
Children play tag seriously.

In some sense, baseball, chess, and tag, are not very playful games at all. They are simple games that are played according to long-established rules. But I personally think this kind of traditional play is still very valuable even when TV games have become so popular. I suppose the concept of playful was introduced as an antithesis to the rigid educational system. I would like to know what people who are promoting the concept of playful think about these traditional kinds of play. These traditional kinds of play involve following rules and competing fairly. They play an important role in socializing the children. I wonder if the concept of playful also helps children to internalize these rules?

I think the adult world should be the most playful environment when seen from the eyes of children. And playful should become a step to enter the adult world. Perhaps the concept of playful can be seen as a way to momentarily refresh your spirit, but I have doubts about calling it the main concept of children's play. I think that it is worthwhile to hold one-day events on this theme, but not continually.

I hope you will understand that my question does not to deny the concept; rather I am trying to understand the concept in an accurate way. Your comments are welcome.

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