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Dancing Dialog

--- Original Message ---
Main theme of Playshop
From: Miya Omori (06/27/2000 18:27:22)

The theme for Playshop is designing learning with a "playful" spirit. The exclamation mark ("!") after the word, "playful" can account for any number of words, such as "spirit", "passion", "lifestyle", "design", etc. Anything you would like to insert! The word "playful" in itself contains many hidden meanings and we would like to feel this playful spirit by engaging in activities and by building relationships with other learners and with knowledge itself in every day living. Our hope is that everyone will become designers of their own intelligence as well as to feel an invaluable sense of motivation (what we have termed, "playful motivation") as they begin to bridge verbal and nonverbal expressions by manipulating provocative and evocative objects found in your surroundings daily. Can you think about creating a drama of your experience which is meaningful to you and those around you so that it may become an emotional and en-spirited story to build on and to tell others?

Unfortunately, the term, "playful" is often used for children, rather than adults. In addition, in psychology or education, play research often focuses on the period between infancy and toddler-hood. However, our hope is that "play" or the "playful spirit" will be woken up in the hearts of all youth as well as adults, creating a pure, intimate and self-empowering relationship with objects and occurrences of everyday life. Please share with us, your playful stories.

---Translated Message ---
From: 大森 美弥 (06/27/2000 18:27:22)

Q: プレイショップの主テーマは何ですか?
A:プレイショップのテーマは「プレイフル」な気持ちで学びをデザインすることです。「プレイフル」のあとにくる感嘆符(!)は、「スピリット」「パッション」「ライフスタイル」「デザイン」などいろいろな意味を含んでいます。当てはめたい、と思うことは何でもいいのです。「プレイフル」という言葉自体にもたくさんの隠れた意味があります。いろいろなアクティビティに関わったり、他の学び手との関係を築いたり、毎日の生活で知識を得たりするときにプレイフルな気持ちを持ちたいと思うのです。私たちの願いは、皆が、高度な動機付けの感覚(ここではプレイフルな「動機づけ」と呼びます)をもつことができるようになるのと同様に、自分自身の知性のデザイナーになることです。それは、身の回りにある視野をひろげてくれるもの(provocative object)や過去の経験を思い起こさせてくれるもの(evocative object)を自分自身考えて取り入れていくことにより、言語表現と非言語の表現をつなげて、自分の気持ちを表わそうとすることに似ています。あなたは、あなたとあなたの回りの人にとって意味深い経験のドラマを作ってみたいと思いませんか。そうすれば、感情豊かな生き生きしたストーリーが生まれ、他の人に語りたくなるのではありませんか。


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