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Dancing Dialog

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Re: completed text of post-playshop dialog
From: Milton Chen (03/24/2000 15:54:00)

I got a look at the Post-Playshop report and it is an excellent summary of the discussions, very true to the spirit of the dialogue we had. There was a lot of wisdom in the comments and often, I sensed, a much deeper well of experience from which the comments were made. I'm curious as to how CRN felt about the entire Playshop experience, and your discussions about what is needed next. Our Foundation hosted about 30 Japanese educators and business representatives here at Skywalker Ranch for a discussion of their interest in creating an educational portal site. Several Benesse staff were there, so it was nice to make that connection and know something about the impressive range of work of both Benesse and CRN.

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From: ミルトン・チェン (03/24/2000 15:54:00)



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