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Dancing Dialog

--- Original Message ---
Dancing Research - holistic and emergent
From: Yoshiro Miyata (03/07/2000 12:15:00)

While thinking about how to do research on the playshop, a totally new approach to research has emerged in my mind, which I would like to call "dancing research" and/or "playful research."

So I would like to share it with everyone by starting a dancing dialogue around it. Hope you can join!

In a dancing research: Meaningfulness to everyone involved is more valued than the generality of knowledge produced. The goal is that everyone involved finds something meaningful to her/himself in the process.

Meaningfulness is not just cognitive understanding. Meaningfullness is connecting across all levels: cognitive, emotional, body, etc.. For example, awakening of the body's innate desires, in Jogi's terms, and becoming conscious of them.

Each participant finds meaning in the process of meeting others and dancing (communicating at all levels, not just words) with others. Research is a concerted play/dance of many participants.

There is no clear division between researchers and non-researchers, or between experimentors and subjects. Everyone involved is a participant in a dancing research.

We have started such a holistic/emergent dancing research process, hoping that many of the participants and the staff members of the playshop will join. We have a few ideas about methodology to start with and many will emerge in the process. Would you like to join the dance with your ideas?!

---Translated Message ---
From: 宮田 義郎 (03/07/2000 12:15:00)

ダンシングリサーチ:ホリスティックで創造的なリサーチ 宮田 義郎





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