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[YRP Students' Essays] Looking for Myself, Yuri

The essay is written based on the novel, "Looking for Alibrandi" written by an Australian woman Melina Marchetta, about a girl in her last year of high school who is trying to find her identity.
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I'm an ordinary Japanese girl. As I am living in Japan now, I seldom think about it, but when I was living in Europe, I often thought about race, Westerners and Orientals, and discrimination.

Though I was discriminated against, I never thought that Orientals were lower than Westerners. I was proud of being born Japanese, just like Josephine is proud of her Italian blood. My appearance and abilities are mediocre. I'm not really good at study or sports, and I'm inconspicuous. How I think I'm different from other people is that I want to go to an academy of music instead of university.

I have played the violin for twelve years and started to prepare to go to an academy three years ago. I want to be a violin teacher. Because I have to practice a lot, I don't have much time to study or to go out. When I participate in a contest during vacation, I stay at home for almost the whole vacation to practice. It's hard and it's a dull routine. I think my life is uneventful. So sometimes I wish I had a life with many events, full of ups and downs, like Josephine's life. However, my present lifestyle is valuable enough. It has changed me a lot. Not only my violin skills, but also my spiritual strength.

Maybe most people of my age are not sure what kind of work they will do. For me it's also uncertain that I'll be able to be a violin teacher. I know that choosing a different way from others is difficult, but I like the violin and I can't imagine myself studying at university and working in a company like everybody else. I don't think I'm special or really talented, but I'm a person who wants to be a little bit different to others. I think this is a big part of my identity.

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