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[YRP Students' Essays] The Increase in Child Abuse

What would you think if you found yourself in a garbage can outside your house when you woke up? I think you would be shocked and try to get out of the garbage can as quickly as you could. In these past few years, child abuse is remarkably on the increase. It's a topic on many television news programs. This makes me think about child abuse. Why are there so many cases of child abuse? Isn't there a way to stop the problem?

This summer I read a book called "The boy called 'It'". This is a book about a boy treated cruelly by his mother. In this story, there were many scenes and expressions that made me want to look away from the book or quit reading. A child being burned on purpose, or being hit in the face, for example. And the notable point is that these matters may be happening still now, somewhere.

I think this is a deep problem. A child cannot choose their mother and father. When a child is born, I think she or he must be loved deeply by their parents. There is definitely no way parents should use their own child just for releasing their pent-up emotions.

Looking at some data on child abuse, there are four reasons why child abuse happens. First, the parents themselves have some kind of experience related to child abuse, or have had some dissatisfaction with their marital relationship. In this case they have stress in their own everyday life. Secondly, where the parent is isolated from society. Then next, where the child is disabled, or is hard to raise. Lastly, cases in which the parent cannot have a good relationship with the child, when the relationship between both parents and the child itself isn't going so well.

Child abuse in these past few years has the distinctions which I have listed below.
  1. It's been on the increase since the 1990s.
  2. The wrongdoers are in their 30s.
  3. Most abuse is carried out by the child's real mother.
Therefore, in these last few years, most abuse happens when a child's own mother treats the child cruelly, even though the parent thinks it is discipline for the kid. However, kids never learn anything by violence. If all the parents had a thoughtful and kind heart, child abuse problems would never happen.

From the abusing parents' point of view, they say they want to quit hitting their child. To settle this problem, people who become parents should feel responsible for their child, and should never teach violence. Violence only makes sorrow. It never teaches anything good. I'm completely against violence.

There are lots of matters against life and death; it affects children's lives. It makes a vicious cycle that goes on the family's lineage. Adults should feel responsible for their child's future. They should think what kind of life the child will follow. I think all parents should look at their children as not only "kids", but as human beings. I wish from the bottom of my heart that all child abuse will disappear from the world forever.

Child Research Net would like to thank the Doshisha International Junior/Senior High School and Ayumi Mitsumoto, student and author, for permitting reproduction of this article on the CRN web site.
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